Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Where the fuck is my fairy godmother at?

Do you ever think to yourself whilst you're feeling like dog shit from some bug or another but you're still getting up to your kid ALL night (up and down, up and down like a mother trucking yo-yo) coz let's be honest there's nobody else to pick up the slack! Or when you're trying to get your kids washed, fed, watered, dressed and packed ready for school on zero sleep (like you could actually audition for a part in a zombie movie minus the make up.) or whilst you managed a whole day on zero sleep and you're feeling like something the cat's dragged in (and by all accounts you've done a sterling job of not falling asleep standing up ALL day...not even once!) and your eyes are literally BEGGING to be closed (you've actually considered using matchsticks...however painful it looks) but you still have to make an dinner interesting that's wholesome enough to satisfy your family, help with homework, bath the kids, do the bedtime routine, iron uniforms, pack lunches, wash up...and feed the cat....and even though they are all individually little jobs... they at that moment feel like the equivalent of climbing mount  kilamanjaro...do you ever think to yourself; 'Where the FUCK is MY fairy godmother?! That little bitch is late....!'

knowing my luck...we get the fairy god mother we deserve...and mine is DRUNK in a skip somewhere.


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