Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Muuuum Who's your favourite premier league team? ⚽️👩🏼🔫

Today has been, not in a good way, I'm not attempting to be street; it's literally been sick, there's been the distinct stench of vomit in the air...there have in fact been points where I felt like I was literally swimming in the stuff.

My little man has a bug and I feel so sorry for the poor little mite, anyone that reads my other blog knows he has enough going on as it is germs do not discriminate (quite rightly...perhaps the rest of the world could take a lift out of their teeny tiny parasitic book....)we are all one and same to them....anyway he's ok; he never really lets anything get him down for long, as long as he's gleefully tormenting me with something sport/football related! Today's delights have included reruns of the world cup qualifiers (now ladies don't be jealous) and I have been so lucky as to get the opportunity to read 'The official Arsenal annual 2016' (cover to cover...whilst feigning interest) without my poorly little dude's influence I feel this experience is one I'd have otherwise missed out on in life and now I know far more about Arsenal than I have ever wanted tea time I felt a little violated by copious sport and vomit....and quite wanted to vomit AT the copious I consoled myself with an entire 'Big Daddy box meal' and as I am neither big OR a Daddy I am now entirely made from KFC, so I'm out!

peace and love! ✌🏻️💛

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