Wednesday, 2 November 2016

As a parent do you ever?

As a parent do you ever:

spend so much time in the house with your child when they've been ill that you worry that your social skills will have dissolved almost completely by the time you're free to roam once again
in the adult world....and you will have lost the power to converse about anything other than peppa pig or worse you've spent so long
reading football related annuals/magazines to your young son whilst he's been poorly you're worried you'll be forced to only talk about FOOTBALL and worst of all; you'll KNOW what you're talking about!!! People will start thinking you LIKE football! They will start inviting you to watch it! The worst bit is you'll have to accept because you'll have lost all your ACTUAL friends when you lost your ability to talk about anything remotely interesting!

No?! Just me? Fuck my life 🍾

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