Monday, 21 November 2016

The toys are taking over!


Trying to make room for more bastard toys!

I HATE sorting out kids toy boxes/cupboards before Christmas!

I've thrown away a bin bag and a half full of rubbish....but have managed just half a bag full of toys that they don't play with.

I just know they aren't going to allow me to give away...

...even though they haven't played with or even touched let alone thought about in the last decade!

Every single toy in that (half a) bin bag will suddenly become the crown jewel πŸ’Ž of toys...that they will literally die if they don't have...

I will become the world's 🌎 worst mum for daring to put this treasure into said bin bag in the first place....!

....they will scowl at me whilst clutching their (now) TREASURED possessions like they don't even know who I am anymore!

There will be no more room for more fucking toys than when I started my kids will just hate me that little bit more!

I might as well give up trying to have any part of my house toyless and give in and face the fact that the toys are taking over....and start answering the phone 'Hello...Mr Magorium's wonder emporium?'

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