Friday, 2 December 2016

Dear Father Christmas


Dear Father Christmas,

This year for Christmas I'd like;

1. An extra pair of arms,
2. The ability to be in four places at once,
3. More hours in the day,
4. At least 5 hours undisturbed sleep a night (I know it should be more but I'm not expecting miracles.)
5. I'd like to walk into a room and REMEMBER why I'm there,
6. I'd like to be more organised (I feel like if you sorted 2 and 4 for me 5 and 6 wouldn't even be an issue.)
7. I'd like the memory of somebody that has slept in the past 4 years.
8. I'd like to have the energy to have an actual conversation with my husband when my kids have gone to bed.
9. I'd like my kids to go to bed.
10. In their own beds...
11 ...and stay there.
12. I'd like to be allowed to use the toilet without being cried at or accompanied and if it's all the same to you I'd also really rather not have a conversation through the door.
13. I'd really like somebody else to cook dinner sometimes...
14. ..Or just to load the dishwasher AFTER I've cooked dinner.

If all else fails I'd settle for a lifetime supply of prosecco 🍾

Yours exhaustedly,
Jess 😘

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