Saturday, 10 September 2016


Before I met my husband I was a messy cow, actually I think that's an understatement I was anally expolsive (it's a thing ask Freud...god that dude had issues.) I couldn't have given a flying crap about organisation, I was late EVERYWHERE! I was always losing things, everything having a place could bite me. My paper work had a life of its own! The absolute worst thing in the entire world would for me would be if I was asked to find the last 3-6 months bank statements/payslips....I mean I WOULD find the in the fruit bowl...a few under the in my eared...and sodden.. from whatever had leaked in there! It got so bad I would panic if people threatened to come round and run round 'tidying' (moving things) just so my house would look like everyone else's version of super messy rather than something that probably should have been condemned!

Now I am the sort person that lectures their child on using the handle on the bathroom cabinet instead of leaving nasty finger prints on the glass...I am the sort of person that begrudges her family members using the toilet or making themselves food in the bathroom/kitchen I've just cleaned...(you'd have to worry if you family members were making food in the bathroom....but I'm safe in the knowledge that they COULD if the fancy took long as they cleared up their fucking crumbs! πŸ˜‚) I am the sort of person that owns a filing cabinet, I am the sort of person that has throw cushions on their bed, I am the sort of person that has a weekly menu, and takes far too much pleasure from crossing the meals out on my teapot shaped blackboard (blackboard wanker) in truth I seem to just have swopped one set of  neurosis for another and I'm STILL anal (although now Freud would refer to me as anally retentive...seriously?! Obsess much!?)

In conclusion I'm not sure which is better...either way I think I'm still ever so slightly cuckoo.

What?! What did YOU think this post was about?

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