Monday, 19 September 2016


Are you an emotional sponge? Do you find you absorb other people's negitivity; if somebody walks in the door in a foul mood can you feel their foul mood slowly seeping under your skin like an unwelcome illness, can you catch misery like it's a cold? Do you absorb other people's bad feeling and wear it as if it's your own like a borrowed coat? STOP IT!  You are NOT spongebob! That coat is NOT yours! It's not even NICE! It doesn't even suit you! My advice is to take a leaf out of our friend the hippy's book and avoid negitive people but if you can't skip away burning joss sticks muttering 'baaaad viiiibes maaaan' spongebob is NOT a good look on a grown arse woman...ALSO buy a new coat!

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