Sunday, 4 September 2016

Welcome AKA the overspill

Please pull up a chair, slip off your shoes, make yourself comfortable, there's no dress code here but day pyjamas are preferred, bras are non essential, make up is a choice. You'll find an assortment of tea cups in the cupboard for cleverly disguising vodka.....OR TEA....whatever floats your boat!

Please bare with me while I attempt to provide you with some light entertainment, the fire exits are here, here, and here, you'll find the bathroom to your left. Please keep heckling to a minimum and refreshments will be brought round in the interval.

Some about what you can expect to find here, and a little about me; I am amongst other things but first and foremost a Mum to three of the most beautiful (in my totally non biased opinion) children, amongst these you will find my threenager who also just happens to have wheels (don't be jealous) my tween whose hair is ever so slightly woo (yep we're bringing that back) and who is quite possibly the most literal person you could ever have the pleasure to meet and finally there's my far too funny for her own good teenager whose winged eyeliner skills make me weep with envy. My family also boasts the best (and most patient) Daddy in the whole 'tire 'tire world, and Keith...the cat....who will probably every so often get a mention, usually following by several expletives!

So in the description section they asked me to describe my blog....but neglected to tell me that there was a 500 character think of this as the over spill. In the following blog you will mostly find me taking the piss out of myself, and coping with daily life by laughing as much a possible. Sometimes we'll touch on real issues faced in my every day life, such as becoming a Mum pretty early on in life, coping with my 30s (and the wrinkles and grey hair that comes with it) disability and the challenges that parents/marriages face but if I'm honest usually from a humorous point of view, so if it's serious opinions on political issues you're wanting then perhaps it's not the place.

Other than that please bare with me whilst I try to work out how the hell these things work. 

Toodle pip!

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