Friday, 16 September 2016

My naked face and me

Today I decided to to go without make up, no I wasn't staying in, I've been out, in the world, and spoken to actual people, no they didn't flinch, gag, recoil in horror (well not that I saw) nobody ran away.

I woke up this morning and thought 'fuck it' I'm not doing it! I'm not caking my face in various products, I'm not filling wrinkles, covering spots, changing the colour of my skin, painting my lashes a different colour, making my cheeks rosey, I will not give my eyes wings, or paint my lips red. I'm going to go bare faced instead! (The cheek of it!) Coz at the risk of scaring the children/looking old/tired/ordinary THIS is my face! This is what I actually look like, I'm quite fond of it really, it's served me quite well, so today I rewarded it by taking it on an outing into the world in all of it's naked glory. My naked face and me.

Well it IS almost Halloween.

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