Monday, 5 September 2016

Mums United

You will find 4 types of Mum at the school gates this week; those that are pretending that they have their shit together and their lives are peachy (they are kidding themselves) we shall call them the judgey Mum's. You have the Mum's that know that they don't have their shit together, but are doing are pretty damn good job, these are the sort of Mum's that you'll find join the PTA and help out at school events, (PTA Mum's) you THINK these Mum's are judging you because from the outside they look like they really know what they're doing (but in fact these girls really know where the party is at.) You have the scary Mum's, I'll say no more for fear of being lynch mobbed, you know the one's I mean, we'll call them the Mummy mafia and then the rest of us, who prefer to blend into the background (the wallflower Mum's)

But....with further inspection do you know what the judgey Mum's, the PTA Mum's, the Mummy mafia and the wallflower Mum's all have in common? Apart from being Mum's? They are ALL just winging it, they are all just making it up as they go along, sure, some of them are doing a better job of looking like they know what they're doing, but it's a facade....We ALL let out a huge sigh of relief when the kids are finally in bed, we ALL look forward to the weekend, yes whether we work or not (this is something we're going to revisit) we are ALL late to school sometimes, buy take away on a Wednesday occasionally, let the kids watch too much TV/play too long on the computer just for a moments peace, we ALL spend too much time on our phones, we are ALL ever so occasionally tempted to scream swear words at our beautiful offspring, and I bet you I know something else we ALL united in too! We're all half cut come 9pm on a Friday night, well most of us Wednesday too, some of us on a Tuesday afternoon (😳) those that aren't? Those that don't need the occasional anaesthetising effects of alcohol, They're the ones that scare me, they are the one's I'm in awe of...maybe those guys have found the holy grail the instruction booklet that my kids seemed to be missing upon arrival???!

Footnote; I didn't include the 5th in my original statement because they are a myth πŸ¦„

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