Sunday, 18 September 2016

Dear Internet

Dear Internet,

I'm shattered, I'm knackered, strung out, exhausted, done in, sleepy, fuzzy, stick a fork in me I'm DONE!!! But does the universe care? No. Everything that needs doing still has to be done. The uniforms aren't going to magically wash themselves (where's Molly Weasly when you need her?!) there are no cutely animated forest animals coming to help ME clean MY house and prepare our dinner (that bitch Snow White gets all the luck!) Super nanny is NOT coming to entertain MY kids (coz my kids say please and thank-you) and Mary poppins (the fucker) is NOT coming to run round after my poorly husband. TOUGH TITS! This here is reality sweetheart so I'm afraid it's time to 'grow some balls' 'suck it up buttercup!' 'put your big girl pants on!' drink a gallon of coffee....if only I could hook up some sort of drip system 'Get down off your horse and drink your milk' (yeah I never got it either) and get the fuck on with it!

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