Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Appropriately dressed

It's one of those mornings where I'm so tired, I'm silently congratulating myself (whilst looking down at my feet) for wearing matching shoes, walking down the road smoothing the back of my (hairy) cardigan over my bum purely to check if I have a sock/pair of knickers (a discarded coathanger/pet dog/small child) attached and hanging there for all to see where I grabbed it from the washing pile this morning and threw it on without checking....having got to where I'm going I'm checking I'm not sporting a toothpaste dribble on my chin or a bogey hanging from my nose (oh don't be disgusted nobody wakes up perfect!) in the mirror in the bathroom after having rushed out of the door running late. Now I'm sitting in public discreetly feeling for the label in the back of the neck of my top to check if it's the right way round. You'll be pleased to know all is as it should be (this time) but I feel I deserve a high 5.

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