Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Old people LOOK so sweet.

So....I was sitting this morning in the garden of our local garden centre in the sunshine and this older gentleman with a cane and a newspaper comes out and sits down at another table, I look up and smile 'it's too nice to sit inside isn't it?' he says. Awww what a lovely old man I think to myself and return to my book 'Fucks sake.' I hear him mutter under his breath as he has an altercation with the wobbly table he's sitting down at. I have a bit of a giggle at that and continue reading. Before long his wife joins him with a tray of tea...she's forgotten something (napkins) so he goes up to get them, upon his return she calls ' need sugar as well!' 'Fuck sake!' Eric mutters under his breath and off he goes to get this time the tables out here are become quite full, Eric returns with his napkins and sugar and sits down to read his paper...whilst reading his paper Eric looks up to warn a lady that the table she's about to sit at is wobbly...smiles at children playing...seems all round really charming but then under his breath (well....more like a stage whisper) whilst looking at his paper he says 'errrrgh fucking disgusting!' 'What?' says his wife 'women with tattoos!' he says.....'oooooh yeah' she says 'disgusting!' he then proceeds to point out a (slightly tattooed) lady at another table and says 'like 'er over there! DISGUSTING!'

Haaaaaaa Eric; I have one thing to say to you Sir 'Nyeeeeeeeeear ya old git!'

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