Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Mum minions

I could do with there being say...5 of me. Like Mum clones you know? Walking talking versions of myself that aren't capable of free thinking, so I can just use them as my minions, send them off on mum missions, so there is always enough of me to go around coz I'm feeling thinly spread, Imagine the possibilities! I'd be FREE to do things like SLEEP!!!! Or get PISSED whilst my minions were doing school runs, cleaning, attending various appointments with various dependants

This week has been a week of appointments, so far we've had the emergency Dr's, the hospital, the paediatrician, the orthodontists, the chiropodists, and the SENCO...(why can they not stagger some of the appointments over the 6 week holiday rather than trying to cram them all into the first week of school?!) I could quite happily go a good few months without seeing another professional....imagine if I never had to again! Imagine if I could just send a Mum minion and they could take minutes/summarise it for me, cut through all the waffle!

It feels like there are a hell of a lot more than just the five of us this week, perhaps there are! Perhaps someone in my house has already started the cloning without me! Perhaps I really DO have 500 kids!

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