Sunday, 4 September 2016

Summer glamour

I agree that the sun 🌞 IS glorious, and you DO feel more optimistic in the sunshine, and I'm all up for day drinking being more socially acceptable, and flip flops, sunkissed skin (note I didn't say tanned) and ice lollies and the beach BUT let's be honest the majority of the summer is a battle over what to wear in order to keep cool (but keep your dignity, yes ladies with πŸ«πŸ‘£ I'm talking to YOU) coz lets be honest sweating like a pig isn't attractive, chaffed thighs, VPL, headache from wearing your hair up, constantly having to shave your legs, running make up, and sweat moustaches! AND hot grumpy kids! 

Queue all the how dare you attack summer replies! But before you bite, I like summer, I'm just keeping it real 😎#summerglamour

Originally posted to my personal Facebook page.

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